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10990 SW River Rd Hillsboro, OR 97123

About Us

History of Twin Oaks Nursery

The history of Twin Oaks Nursery goes back long before the nursery was conceived. Local Folklore tells us more than 100 years ago, before paved roads and the automobile, two oaks trees stood at what is now the intersection of Farmington and River Road south of Hillsboro. So majestic were these trees the locals began to call the area “Twin Oaks”. Located only a half a mile south of there and because we are a nursery we thought it fitting to continue the legacy of the area and those two majestic trees and are proud to share the name Twin Oaks.

But our devotion to the history and the area does not stop there. We were lucky enough to acquire the piece of land where the third and last “Government barn” built on River road stood, built around the end of WWII, we have “repurposed” this piece of history and it is now the center piece of our nursery. It reminds us of a time when people worked hard and took pride in what they did and who they were.

Because of this, we are focused on continuing this tradition by providing the quality and service our ancestors would be proud of.  But don’t think the past is all we care about, we are also looking into the future.  We are focusing on growing, along with the traditional plants, new and unique plants more suited to the smaller urban yards and gardens of today and tomorrow. Smaller and more compact, and in many cases producing full size fruit, these plants, either planted in yards or grown in containers are more sustainable in a society where available land for gardening continues to shrink.

We also feel because of our more manageable size, and being able to propagate, grow, and sell directly to our customers, we can provide not only better quality and service, but have a better idea what our local clientele want.  We also provide more of that personal touch, our staff can provide instant advice and information on almost any plant and build an assortment of custom container arrangements and gardens. You won’t find that at the big box stores.

We hope that you will come visit us at Twin Oaks, and see where the past, present and future come together in harmony.

Why Choose Us?

Locally Grown

Most of our plants are grown right here so they are adapted to the local climate and sold at a lower cost since there is no middle man.

Backyard Friendly

We specialize in miniature fruit trees, other dwarf plant species, hanging baskets and container gardens.

Helpful Showroom

Our retail area is more like a ‘show room’ so you don’t have to wander miles to find what you like.

Locally Made Items and Gifts

We carry locally made gifts and furniture like wine chairs, art, lavender soaps and roxblock


Can’t fit stuff in your car (or don’t want to)? We can deliver!

Our Farm